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Napoleon & Josephine (museum)

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Restoration of both dolls:

- All Clothing removed, cleaned, repaired and reattached 

- Napoleon coat lined in new black felt, restitched, red felt added to collar, gold stitches restitched over original ones 

- Red/White sash replaced but tassels are original 

- Napoleon boots repainted and sealed and buckles added to back 

- Hat restitched, cleaned, and new rooster feathers replaced (old rabbit fabric was too decomposed) 

- Napoleon legs straightened - new stands for both 

- Faces restored on both, with minor paint touch-ups, water mark removed on Josephine‘s face- hole left on Napoleon nose but wood painted to match skin. 

- new wigs on both dolls - human hair - Napoleon with a pony tail was the original hair design but the black ribbon is replaced - Josephine hair style redone but more ornate (inspired by what I imagine the original artist would have done) - beads reattached and new beads added at crown 

- Josephine’s flesh tone upper body and arm fabric was too weak to hold stitches, so it was replace by hand-stitching a new fabric overtop of the original fabric. Fingers restitched both under and over the gloves. Chest blushing painted and stitched and fresh stuffing added where needed - metal wires added inside legs for support 

- Fan fixed 

- Beading added to bodice and shoulders and neck. New teardrop earrings and necklace - original glass pearls restrung on wire - bracelet restrung in daisy chain pattern with replacement beads for what was missing - 

- slippers restored (fur soles?) - buckles replaced 


20+ hours X $30/hour = $600/50 (quoted) = $300

Stands = $14 x 2 = $28

Beads & Buckles = $8

Fabric = $10

TOTAL = $346