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Dr. Danno's Delightfully Dapper Darling Dolls

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$20 - classic 5 joint Barbie
$25 - jointed Barbie
$30 - Superstar Era Barbies

The Canadian Doll Recycling Program, in collaboration with, is working at reducing plastic waste from dolls and toys by restoring them, restyling them, and returning them to the market at a competitive price. Restored to “like new” conditioned and packaged in a cellulose bag like 1950s dime-store dolls.

The program just celebrated its 1st year and has restored over 1000 dolls. Dr Dann’s Delightfully Dapper Darling Dolls are packaged in new packaging so they can be gifted or collected. The label explains the program in both English and French.

Each Doll Includes:
- premium doll with restored hair
- outfit (skirt & top, or dress) by
- shoes
- purse
- earrings
- rings where needed

Help the war on plastic while still buying a gorgeous doll for your collection. More than 50 versions available at any time.

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