Image Consultation

Danniel Oickle is a multi-disciplinary artist, branding specialist, and founder/designer of the Guillotine collection. Having worked with a variety of clientele from CEOs to celebrities, he is now offering his services to anyone who wishes to elevate their look and dress for the job they want. When you take care in your appearance and present a polished and confident image as you step out into the world, people take notice. Stop trusting such a vital component of your success to salespeople who work for the store, not for you. Hire a professional whose occupation is your success. Rise to the occasion. 
What is an image consultant? 
An image consultant is a professional who helps you project your best self in casual, business, or formal settings. You want to attract the right kind of attention, or perhaps the ideal client – but while enhancing your style, you don’t want to go overboard and clash with the tone of your office or event. You also want something that feels like you – your personal style, elevated. An image consultant can do all of that while respecting your budget, your likes and dislikes, and your comfort level. After a session with Danniel, you will learn about shopping techniques and how to put a look together so that you can continue without him. 
But what if I get pushed into something that I don't want to wear?

The most expensive, fashion-forward outfit will look wrong if the person wearing it does not feel confident. Danniel works to ensure his clients are comfortable with every look and every item they purchase. Confidence is vital: when you feel good, you look good, and Danniel will not settle for anything less.

Is fashion all you do?

Danniel can also assist with hairstyling and skincare recommendations. He offers consultations on decorating style so that your home, office or store can project as refined an image as you do.

How much does it cost?
Local (Montreal): Danniel offers in-person consultations in the greater Montreal area. Fees are $40/hour with a minimum of 2 hours consultation or 3 hours personal shopping. If a driver is needed, a $50 charge and all corresponding parking fees are applied.
Worldwide: Danniel offers his services across Canada and internationally. Hourly rates remain the same, but all corresponding travel and accommodations are paid for by the client upfront and prior to departure.
Online: Sessions are available via Skype. The same hourly rates apply.
Subsequent Sessions: Existing clients may request follow-up packages, including “virtual shopping” with Danniel, as well as customized services including window displays, editorial styling, décor and more. Further information available upon request. 
Ces services sont-ils disponibles en français?
Danniel est un anglophone québécois. Bien que plus à l'aise de travailler en anglais, il est capable de fournir des services dans l'une ou l'autre des langues nationales canadiennes. 
 What are you waiting for? Take a step towards your future, and request a consultation today.